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Aperturas 2019

  1. Claridad: El estudiante tiene claro hacia dónde va y por qué. Con esta metodología los objetivos están delimitados y se le da al estudiante la posibilidad de evaluar su progreso.
  2. Competencia: El estudiante tiene la oportunidad de usar “su” idioma en una gran variedad de situaciones en contexto real.
  3. Comunicación: La gramática y el vocabulario presentados de forma gradual ofrecen al estudiante buenas bases para tener una comunicación efectiva y regular.
  4. Confianza: Gracias a la combinación de las diferentes secciones, el estudiante se siente confiado en que será capaz de aplicar sus conocimientos de manera práctica y exitosa en situaciones reales fuera del aula.

Spanish programs

  Students can choose from different program formats. Flexibility is kept even after the commencement of the course – you have the option to switch between the programs on a week to week basis. Group Program You will be placed in a class with students of a similar ability level. With a maximum of four students per group, your participation is assured and progress guaranteed. Classes are given from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. with a 20-minute break at 10 a.m.  This program offers a lot of Spanish instruction while still allowing enough free time for other activities. Correct group placement is essential to the successful course of the program – in the event that we are unable to place you in a group class due to differing skill levels, we shall instead provide 3 hours of individual (1:1) tutoring. Group PLUS Program This is our most popular program. It is a combination of our Group Program plus 2 hours of private tutoring in the afternoon (1:15 – 3:15). In the afternoon classes special attention will be given to your particular needs and interests. No new grammar structures are presented, but if you wish, old ones are reviewed. The emphasis of the afternoon class lies on improving your proficiency and extending active vocabulary. These sessions nicely complement morning classes. One-on-one Instruction If you have very specialized language needs, you may prefer to concentrate on Spanish in one-on-one tutoring sessions. We offer private classes for 4 or 6 hours a day. This program is available for every level and follows the same scheduling as the Group-4 and Group-4 Plus programs. Additionally, we have been able to arrange student visits to local clinics, hospitals, schools, businesses, etc. in the past.  The emphasis of this program lies on improving general language skills and, depending on your needs, building skills and vocabulary related specifically to your interests or profession. Included is a language competence report covering listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking skills, and if applicable, professional speaking skills. The EXECUTIVE program In case you need to learn Spanish in a very short period of time and you wish to be totally immersed in the language, we offer you the 8 hours per day executive program specially designed for your needs as it is composed of 7 hours of private class instruction and one lunch hour with your teacher. It is an ideal program for executives who need to learn or better their Spanish as fast as possible and also for people who wish to move to a Spanish speaking country shortly.